Josie and Joy have joined the goat gang

Today was the day that we picked up Josie and Joy from their breeder. We originally hoped for 4 females however only two were born so we were…

Posted 29th July 2017 by Steve Bates

Poppy is 1 year old today, happy birthday!

It was a year ago today we returned to the smallholding to find Bella had given birth to Poppy all on her own without any assistance from us….

Posted 21st June 2017 by Steve Bates

Photobook from Saal Digital

We’ve been on many trips now in our motorhome and we’ve come across some fantastic sights which have turned into great photos. Its about time some of these…

Posted 27th May 2017 by Steve Bates

2 chickens stolen in the early hours of this morning

During the early hours of this morning, at 4:21 AM, our alarm activated again indicating there was someone at the smallholding. It appears they have decided to help…

Posted 29th April 2017 by Steve Bates

Alu-dibond & PVC foamboard wall decors

It’s been a while now since I’ve had any of my photographs printed, usually I only have paper prints as well so lately I’ve been thinking about a…

Posted 13th April 2017 by Steve Bates

One of the goat kids died over night

Over the past couple of days the female goat kid has appeared weak and not as energetic as the male. Yesterday was spent bottle feeding her in hope…

Posted 16th March 2017 by Steve Bates

Bella and Chester have just had twins

With everything that’s been happening lately around Bird Flu there hasn’t really been much good news to post about, but today that has changed! The past few days…

Posted 12th March 2017 by Steve Bates

Rosie is 6 today – happy birthday!

Today is Rosie’s 6th birthday, it’s been a long time since she was born now. We’re never sure of when Bracon’s birthday is because she was re-homed from…

Posted 19th January 2017 by Steve Bates

Lionhart Lowlander

It’s now been made official and we’ve received all the paperwork, Chester’s pedigree registration has been completed and he’s now a fully registered pedigree Golden Guernsey rare breed…

Posted 16th January 2017 by Steve Bates

Someone’s tried to steal all the chickens & geese

Tonight at 10:07 PM we got an alert on the smallholding alarm saying one of the doors have been opened, so Matt had to finish his phone call…

Posted 21st December 2016 by Steve Bates

All new security gates

This weekend Saturday was spent at the smallholding installing our new security gates which Matt has built out of scaffolding boards. I would say i’d recommend the supplier,…

Posted 27th November 2016 by Steve Bates

Poppy and her new ear tags

It’s been a few months now since Poppy was born so it was about time she got ear tagged for the goat registry as it’s a legal requirement….

Posted 13th November 2016 by Steve Bates